Tips For Saving Money on Etsy

If you happen to be one of those people who love quality handmade, vintage items, art, supplies or uniquely manufactured items, then Etsy is definitely for you. Etsy products are unique, artistic, and often hip. Some of them can be quite expensive but depending on their great quality, you might find them worth purchasing than other cheaper alternatives in popular stores.

Shopping on Etsy

Now if you’ve found some really nice things on Etsy that you don’t want to give up but don’t have enough cash to cover them, don’t worry. Saving money while shopping on Etsy is very easy. There are various tips you can use to get those adorable items without having to pay more cash.

Let’s have a look at some useful tips for saving money on Etsy.

1. Sort Items By Price

By clicking on the “sort by” drop down menu on Etsy, you are able to see the least expensive options first before checking out the most expensive ones. Chances are that you might find something really adorable at a lower price.

2. Include the Keyword “Sale” on the Search Box

Instead of typing “khaki trouser” in the search box, type “sale khaki trouser” instead. You will be able to see all price options available for that specific item.

3. Cap the Price Depending on Your Budget

After typing in the item you want in the search box, input the minimum and maximum price on the price filter. This will enable you to see only those items that are within your set budget.

4. Use Etsy Coupon Codes

Active coupon codes are always available on Etsy shops and the good news is that it’s really easy to find them. Follow them on social media, especially Instagram. You will see lots of codes listed on their profiles. Spending a little of your time checking out these coupon codes could literally save you a few dollars.

You can also check out Etsy coupon sites where sellers share coupon codes for their shops.

5. Buy in Bulk Less Often

Focus on buying more items less often to not only get the discounts but to also save on shipping fee.

6. Always Use” More Ways To Shop”

The “more ways to shop” section at the bottom right of the Etsy website homepage, offers some few money saving tricks.

• Clicking “shop local” allows you to filter results by your specific location. This, of course, lowers the shipping costs or you can as well arrange to pick up the items by yourself.

• You can also click the “shop in person” section to see any local events in your area where Etsy sellers may be selling their products.

7. Find a Local Buyer With The Same Taste as You

If you can find a friend or someone with similar interests as yours, then you can purchase the items in bulk. This will allow you to split shipping costs, not to mention a good discount for goods bought in bulk.

8. Buy Unfinished Items

Besides selling finished items, Etsy also offers different categories of items dedicated to craft supplies. For example, you can purchase a piece of fabric that can easily be turned into a curtain or a plain wood frame that requires a coat of paint. This allows you to indulge your creativity while saving some cash.

All these tips combined can help you save the most amount of money than you can ever imagine. Just be sure to incorporate them the next time you shop on Etsy.